Our Coffee

Light Roast

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Yer-ga-chef)

Top grade beans from the origins of coffee. These beans are from a single family estate in Ethiopia. This coffee is stunningly aromatic, with a brilliant bergamot aroma, and hints of berries. This bright light roasted coffee has the highest level of caffeine of any of our coffees. The taste is intense with higher level’s acidity, and light and whiny finish.


Medium Roast

Mountain Splendor

This is an intensely aromatic blend of exceptional coffees from Central America and East Africa. This is an outstanding breakfast coffee light and bright in the cup, with clean crisp flavors and aromas.


Medium Roast

Organic Shade Grown

This is a single origin bean from a small family estate high in the mountains of Peru. These beans are grown under the natural canopy of the rainforest which makes for a much longer growing season. The roast is to the dark side of a medium profile. Smooth soft flavor with very intense earthy overtones and an almost nutty finish. This is a certified organic coffee.


Medium to Dark Roast ~ Italian Roasts


This coffee is known as the midnight blend. It is blended with coffees from Central America and roasted to an Italian profile. This coffee is very intense with sweet chocolate flavors, a hint of dark roast caramel notes and a syrupy body.



Medium to Dark Roast ~ Italian Roasts

Trader Blend

This coffee is Trader’s “Signature House Roast”.  This coffee is a blend of Indonesian Sumatran and Guatemalan Estate beans. This coffee is roasted to a full Italian Profile. The first sip of this coffee is a very bold and intense flavor that settles to a rich caramel non bitter finish.


Medium to Dark Roast ~ Italian Roasts

Tuscan Blend

Our newest blend inspired by Dee’s many trips to Tuscany. The beans used to produce this blend are equal parts from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexican and Panamanian. This coffee is roasted to a dark Italian Profile. This Blend produces a very earthy cup of coffee with nutty and chocolate overtones.



Medium to Dark Roast ~ Italian Roasts


This coffee is a medium blend. It is blended with Central America coffees dominated by about  75% Guatemalan beans. This coffee is very smooth on the palate. The roast is on the lighter side of the Italian profile. The body is medium with a  medium body.


Dark Roast ~ French Roasts

Organic French Roast

This very special Organic Coffee is a blend of coffee from small family estates in Indonesia, Nicaragua, and Mexico. We roast this unique blend of beans from around the globe to a dark French profile. This distinctive blend provides a cup of coffee that is robust yet smooth with an intense velvety richness in every sip.  This is a certified organic coffee.


Dark Roast ~ French Roasts

Café Noir

This blend of African coffees yields a cup of coffee with a  thick and velvety body, but almost no acidity and hints of fruits and berries. This is a French Roast coffee which is a very dark roast. This coffee has been roasted dark but has virtually no bitter overtones.


Dark Roast ~ French Roasts

Decaf Classic Reserve

100% Colombian Arabicas. Viennese roasted with a creamy rich and full-bodied flavor. Roasted in small batches to  insure absolute freshness.